Community Exchange ::



Our Community Exchange team gives people help and hope. We bring people and resources together to make a difference to residents in Maricopa County!

How it works:

Our Community Exchange is a web based system that enables anyone in Maricopa County to seek and share resources. Community Exchange team partners are able to:

  • Send a message throughout our Exchange network requesting assistance in meeting an identified need.
  • Donate physical items and resources to meet the needs of others.
  • Share important announcements and list community events.
  • It is not necessary to sign in to access the directory of community resources under the 'Resources' link.

The Community Exchange fosters the belief that people helping people builds a stronger community.

Join the Team:

Becoming a team partner is easy! If you care about helping people in Maricopa County and are willing to ask for or share resources, please request an account now.