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Claims Filing Procedures

Magellan is committed to reimbursing our providers promptly and accurately in accordance with our contractual agreements. We strive to inform providers of claims processing requirements to avoid administrative denials that delay payment and require resubmission of claims. Our claims filing procedures are listed in detail in Section 5 of the Magellan National Provider Handbook.

Under Magellan's policies and procedures, the standard Magellan timely filing limit is 60 days. If your state or plan law allows a longer period of time in which to file claims, that period of time will take precedence over the Magellan standard of 60 days.  For timely filing requirements for specific states and plans, refer to our timely filing grid. Please note: As these requirements can be subject to change, the grid may not contain a complete list of exceptions. It is important for you to stay current with your specific state and plan requirements.