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Create and enhance your online profile

Website tool helps you highlight the practice information you want to share with members

Magellan's provider profile tool enables you to build out the information that is visible to members when they conduct an online provider search. We encourage you to securely sign in on the Magellan provider website and add your information!

With just a few minutes of data entry, you’ll be able to make available to members the customized, personalized information that best describes your practice’s unique qualifications. This can lead to optimal matches between member and provider.

Information you can share for member viewing can include:

  • Personal statement about your practice approach
  • Photo
  • List of personal attributes that are unique to you
  • Awards and distinctions you’ve earned, plus a list of your publications in the field.

Collectively this information gives members insight into your capabilities when they’re seeking the right provider to meet their needs. Our experience with the tool shows that members more frequently select providers who have completed profiles and added photos.

How to fill out your profile

  • Sign in with your secure username and password at (If you’ve forgotten your sign-in information, click “Forgot Password?” or “Forgot Username?”.)
  • From the left-hand My Practice menu, select Display/Edit Practice Information.
  • You will then see the Provider Profile tab.

Keep in mind that once you’ve completed your profile information, you can return and update it at any time as needed.

If an administrator for your practice handles your Magellan website transactions, please share the information about completing provider profiles, and give him or her permission to complete your profile for you.

Completing your online profile is quick and easy. If you’d like to get a preview of how to fill in the information, go to our Online Training page to view a demo. Scroll down the page and look for the MyPractice subheading, and select Provider Profile at the bottom of the list.

Review and manage your members’ ratings

Magellan's Provider Search tool allows members to submit ratings and feedback, and endorse attributes of the providers whom they’ve seen. Please sign in on the provider website and enter your email address so that Magellan can send you notice of member ratings and comments when they’re added. You’ll then be able to review the rating information members have submitted.