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Looking for a telehealth platform?

Consider Passel, a platform designed specifically for behavioral health providers

If you’re a provider using telehealth, you know the importance of having the ability to conduct clinical visits remotely. And while several teleconferencing applications, such as Zoom, have been pushed into service to accomplish this particularly during the pandemic, none were designed for the unique needs of behavioral health specialists. 

Until now…  

Passel is a platform built from the ground up with you and your patients’ privacy, security and ease of use in mind. Passel was developed by Kaden Health, a company partially owned by Magellan.

Consider upgrading your choice of videoconferencing platform with a discounted subscription to Passel, and experience these benefits:

  • Browser-based – no downloading or updating required
  • Easy-to-use interface with HD video sessions on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone – observe important non-verbal cues as you would in person
  • Built-in healthcare security features – includes HIPAA-level compliance, and custom tele-consent forms to help ensure safety and security for your patients
  • EHR integration – export data and notes as a CSV file
  • Low-bandwidth capability – you and your patients can access from almost any high-speed internet connection, including 4G LTE
  • In-session note taking, screen sharing and file sharing – all in one platform so you can remain focused on patient interactions
  • Prescriber-specific capabilities – integration with labs, scripts and PDMP databases
  • Payment tools – accept copays and member self-payments within the app

Go to to learn more, watch a demo and sign up for a subscription plan. Magellan providers can receive a 10% discount on your first three months. Access the discount code by signing in at, then select Provider Discounts from the Provider Network drop-down menu.

Not in Magellan’s telehealth network?

Visit our telehealth webpage for more information.