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Here's the answer to your question: How can I submit claims to Magellan?

Magellan providers have several options for submitting electronic claims:

  • Hard-copy submissions via UB-04 or CMS 1500 forms mailed to Magellan
  • A Web-based direct data entry claim submission tool on Professional claims typically submitted on a CMS Form 1500 can be submitted using this online tool.
  • Contracted Clearinghouses. If your claims volume is large enough to make direct data entry cumbersome, or if claims for your services must be submitted on an institutional claim (UB-04), we encourage you to consider working with one of our preferred clearinghouses. If you already work with a clearinghouse, by advising them of the clearinghouses Magellan works with, your clearinghouse will likely be able to have your claims routed to us for payment. These clearinghouses may charge service fees.

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