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Frequently Asked Questions: Electronic Remittance Advice

Q. What is electronic remittance advice?

A. The 835, or electronic remittance advice (ERA), is the electronic method for providers to receive explanation of benefits (EOB), explanation of payment (EOP) and claims denial information. Providers must contact one of the Magellan-preferred clearinghouses to sign-up for ERA. 

Q. Will I still receive paper explanation of payment (EOP) in the mail?

A. Providers who sign up for ERA will no longer receive paper EOPs via U.S. Mail. To view or print EOP statements, click View EOB when looking at the claims online in Check Claims Status.

Q. How do I find EOP information on the website?

A. Go to, sign in with your secure username and password, and then click Check Claims Status from your My Practice page.

Q. I have signed up for ERA, but would like to also sign up to receive payments electronically. How do I do that?

A. Visit our Electronic Funds Transfer page for information on how to sign up for direct deposit of payments to your bank account.