This is the Magellan website for behavioral health providers
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Online Training


Access a variety of online training resources that can help orient you to the clinical and administrative aspects of your work as a Magellan provider.


Targeted Trainings focus on specific topics of interest in behavioral health service delivery:

  • Telehealth 101 webinar: From the Education menu, select Telehealth to access the link to our free webinar, "Telehealth 101: What You Need to Know & How to Get Started."
  • Improving care after hospitalization, ER visit for mental illness or substance useslide deck (PDF)
  • Improving medication adherence for depression and schizophreniaslide deck (PDF)
  • Caring for children on ADHD meds or antipsychotics + screening/monitoring of patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorderslide deck (PDF)
  • Recovery and resiliency courses
  • Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) outcomes tool


Learn about with these resources.

Orientation (PDF) – your orientation to some important features of the website.

Demos – your virtual website tutor. Take these demos at your own pace. Learn how to use our applications for submitting claims online, editing your practice information, and lots more. Didn’t catch it the first time? You can start, stop, pause, or rewind the demos as needed.

User Guides – your concise, step-by-step instructions for completing various administrative tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions – your questions answered about