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These User Guides describe step-by-step how to perform administrative tasks through this website. Click any of the links below to see the steps and tips that will help you carry out that transaction. You can also find more information about our online tools by clicking on the “Help” link within each application.

How do I...


Check Authorizations (PDF)

Check Member Eligibility - available on Availity Essentials portal. Learn more.

Request Member Care - services such as TMS and psychological testing (PDF)

Request Member Care - inpatient (PDF)

View Authorization Letters (PDF)



Check Claims Status - available on Availity Essentials portal. Learn more.

Correct a Claim (PDF)

Contact a Clearinghouse (PDF)

Create a New Claim from a Copy (PDF)

Receive Electronic Funds Transfer

Submit a Claim Online (PDF)

Use the EDI Testing Center Process (PDF)

View Claims Submitted Online (PDF)


Electronic Transactions

Contact a Clearinghouse (PDF)

Receive Electronic Funds Transfer

Use the EDI Testing Center Process (PDF)



Manage Outcomes Reports (PDF)