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Register on today for future access to Magellan provider transactions

Magellan's behavioral health network providers will begin using Availity’s portal for online transactions in the upcoming months. If you are not registered with Availity, now is the time to get started!

On Availity’s site, you’ll be able to:

  • Obtain patient eligibility, benefits and accumulated amounts
  • Easily access Magellan-specific applications and resources (via a single-sign on from Availity) through a Magellan “payer space”

We plan to introduce additional features – such as claims remittance and EOBs – on the Availity portal in the future, gradually replacing those functionalities on the Magellan provider website (

Let’s get started

  • If you’re already using Availity with another payer, you’re set to start working with Magellan on Availity in a few months.
  • If you don’t already use Availity, set up your account now. (There is no cost for registration or use of Availity.)

Availity has a complimentary webinar to help you get started with your registration. Also look for additional training sessions throughout the coming months.

How to get started with Availity