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It's easy to maintain and attest to your practice data online 

With our Provider Data Change Form (PDCF) you can quickly and conveniently update your email addresses, office locations, business hours, staff rosters and more. Developed with provider input, the form allows for immediate upload of your data to Magellan. Updating your information online helps ensure accurate data in Magellan's systems so it will be available to members searching for a provider. The application is secure, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

To Review and Update Your Practice Information

  1. Sign in securely to this website.
  2. Under My Practice in the left-hand menu, click Display/Edit Practice Information. The first tab that displays is the Provider Data Change Form.
  3. Select your TIN/MIS combination and click Go.
  4. Verify that all information is correct and update as needed. This includes your name, service address, phone number, office hours, website URL and email address that members can use, and your ability to accept new clients. Group practice administrators: Be sure to validate information for all practitioners on the roster by clicking Roster Maintenance.
  5. Attest to the accuracy of your practice information on a quarterly basis and anytime you make an update to your information. To fully complete this step, review each category (updated categories will reflect a green check mark), and then click the red "I Attest" button.

Why It Matters

Keeping your practice data up to date through Magellan’s online Provider Data Change Form is essential to ensuring member satisfaction, appropriate referrals, appointment availability, and accurate and timely claims processing.

In support of NCQA, federal, and CMS regulations and standards, Magellan requires participating providers to sign into our online Provider Data Change Form each calendar quarter to validate the accuracy of their practice information.

Need Assistance?

  • Refer to the Help text that accompanies the online form.
  • For additional support, contact Magellan Provider Services by selecting the “Chat with us” button on The virtual assistant will ask some preliminary questions before transferring you to a live representative.

As with all of Magellan's secure website applications, there is no charge to use, and you can update your information 24 hours a day/seven days a week.