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Veterans Disability

Summary of requirements

 Practitioner requirements

  • Must be medical doctor specializing in psychiatry, or clinical psychologist with a doctorate-level degree (PhD) or a doctor of psychology degree (PsyD) from a graduate program in psychology accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) at the time of graduation
  • Have office that is ADA and OSHA compliant with access to free parking
  • Carry state-regulated malpractice insurance
  • See patient within 10 days of referral, within 30 minutes of appointment
  • Deliver complete report within two calendar days from the day of the scheduled exam.

Facility prerequisites

  • Verify that interested practitioners are on file as roster staff with Magellan by signing in to with your agency username and password. Click on “Forgot Username?” or “Forgot Password?” if you need assistance logging in.
  • Note: the individual practitioner must enter his or her Magellan MIS number to complete the questionnaire. You can find the MIS number on your online staff roster.
  • If you require a paper version of Magellan’s staff roster, email us at [email protected] to request the form.

 Next steps

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The Veterans Disability program does not involve a traditional clinician-patient relationship. Providers may not treat examinees.