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EAP Provider Handbook Supplement

EAP Handbook Supplement (PDF)



Registering EAP Cases Online 

When a member contacts Magellan for EAP services, we provide them with a MAT (case) number that they can give to you. When you – the treating provider – receive a member-supplied MAT number, you use that number to register the member via our provider website.

Our EAP registration tip sheet (PDF) takes you step by step through the secure, online registration process. 


Viewing EAP Registration Packets

Providers can view and print EAP member registration packet documents securely online. Read more.


EAP Reimbursement

To receive payment for EAP services rendered, you must complete the Employee Assistance Service Information (EASI) Form. Find more information about EAP reimbursement.




Join the EAP Network

As a provider contracted for our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) network, you could receive additional EAP and critical incident response referrals.

Contact your field network representative to learn more. If you’re unsure who your field network representative is, contact our Provider Services Line at 1-800-788-4005.