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Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is defined as the use of one or more standardized measurements, instruments or procedures to observe or record human behavior, and requires the application of appropriate normative data for interpretation or classification. Psychological testing may be used to either assist in differential diagnosis of psychiatric disorders or to assist in the assessment of response of those disorders to treatment.

Authorization Process

Before administering testing, complete and submit the Magellan Psychological Testing Preauthorization Request Form and submit it online (preferred method), or by fax or mail to the appropriate Magellan Care Management Center for review. An administrative non-authorization will occur if preauthorization is not obtained in routine circumstances.

Each Magellan Care Management Center has its own dedicated fax line for the submission of testing request forms; call the customer service number on the member’s insurance ID card to learn the appropriate fax number. Submitting your request to the incorrect Care Management Center will delay processing.