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The CDC estimates that 115 people die every day from an opioid overdose (46 of those involving prescription opioids) in the surging crisis that led the HHS in October 2017* to declare the opioid epidemic “a public health emergency.”

Opioid Treatment Programs

Learn all about covered services and how you as a Magellan provider can participate.

Magellan Billing Instructions for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Services (PDF)

Office-Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT)

With an emphasis on medication assistance and coordinating integrated outpatient care services in treatment of patients with opioid dependence, OBOT programs have proven to be effective, confidential, accessible and safe. They have resulted in overall reduced substance use in patients as well as in overall retention in treatment, recovery, and integration in the mainstream. The use of buprenorphine in treating opioid dependence (especially with a medication-assisted model) is supported by medical literature, such as the evidenced-based retention percentages documented by the 2003 Kakko study as well as others at Yale, Hopkins and NIDA.

Contracting with Magellan to provide OBOT

For questions related to OBOT contracting and credentialing, contact your Magellan network representative today, or dial the Provider Services Line at 1-800-788-4005 and ask to be connected to your area network rep. You can also email [email protected] about joining the OBOT network, and a network representative will follow up with you soon.

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*HHS acting secretary declares public health emergency to address national opioid crisis. Available at